How can performance prevent rape?

On-stage performance can help us reimagine what we take for granted. This blog looks at how performance can explore different ways to be a woman or a man, and negotiate relationships that are flexible, fun, and freeing.

I suggest that performance can be used as a tool in rape prevention. I look at how performative methods of rape prevention may build upon and develop other forms of social education that work to end rape, creating possibilites for different ways to engage in intimate relationships.

This blog is a personal, theoretical, and performative exploration of how performance can be used in rape prevention.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chat room at Feast Backstage Tour

Sister Ikea, Cat, Daniel and I got snuggly on friday night.

Although Chat Room was supposed to be ME in a bed with one other person - people keep joining us!

So the beautiful people who come and join my in my bed for Chat Room on its Spreading the Love tour with the Feast Festival are showing me that LOVE wants to be shared more generously....

Sister Ikea, Daniel, Cat and I had a beautiful reflection on love at the Feast backstage tour (preview of the Feast hub - big party tomorrow!). After this, I jumped out my bed and went to find Gabrielle Griffith who wanted to come in (but couldn't fit - where are you Gabrielle?). The clouds were so full! So pink and gorgeous! But noone noticed. Everyone was too entrenched in their drinks to notice. But I felt full of their beauty, I was so blissed out on love.

There was one other person, standing like an idiot in the middle of the square, gazing up at those delicious clouds. Cat! She had just left my bed, and she too, was drenched in LOVE.

'LOOK AT THE CLOUDS!' she cooed.

'I know. Amazing huh?'

This spreading of love is actually filling me with love.

Thank you.

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