How can performance prevent rape?

On-stage performance can help us reimagine what we take for granted. This blog looks at how performance can explore different ways to be a woman or a man, and negotiate relationships that are flexible, fun, and freeing.

I suggest that performance can be used as a tool in rape prevention. I look at how performative methods of rape prevention may build upon and develop other forms of social education that work to end rape, creating possibilites for different ways to engage in intimate relationships.

This blog is a personal, theoretical, and performative exploration of how performance can be used in rape prevention.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ever been out and about and then realise - you should actually be IN BED??

Jump into bed with the very first Chat Room on its Feast Festival Spreading the Love tour! (see a video foer the show here)

Victoria square (near the tram)
4:30-5-30pm Friday 12th Nov
Free. All welcome.

I will bring my bed into some of Adelaide’s busy public spaces and invite strangers to join me. We will eat cupcakes and get crumbs in the bed. We will take a moment to relax, and let the buzz pass us by.

I want to know WHAT IS LOVE?

How do you love? What do you do when love gets hard?

Tell me your opinion. Cos really, I have no idea.....


  1. Love is when the lustre starts to wane & the flaws begin to shriek. Sometimes they shriek much louder than the lustre but you ignore the discordant shrieking as much as you can. You concentrate with all your might on the low, steady intonation of the bright light that drew you in to begin with.
    PS - fucked if I know.

  2. ha ha! Goddess I think you're onto something!!
    Your words are beautiful yet evoke something sometimes discordant.
    Come to my bed and be in the Chat room film!